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Yandex.Go (Russian: Яндекс.Go) is an international company owned by Russian IT-giant Yandex and that operates taxi aggregation and food tech businesses across Russia, CIS, Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Yandex.Taxi was founded by Yandex N.V., a Russian multinational company that operates a search engine, an Internet portal, and about 70 other online services in multiple countries. Sometimes described as the «Russian Google, Amazon, Uber and Spotify», Yandex has been listed on the NASDAQ since 2011. The company focuses on developing machine learning-based technologies. Yandex.Taxi is a separate, private limited liability company within Yandex Group, incorporated in the Netherlands as Yandex.Taxi B.V.

Expansion and operation

The Yandex.Taxi ride-hailing services operates in more than 1,000 cities, including 300 large cities across Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Serbia, Israel, Ivory Coast, Finland, Ghana and Norway. In the latter five countries, it operates under a brand called Yango. More than 700,000 drivers are connected to the network.


Yandex is a technology company that creates intelligent products and services based on machine learning.
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